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Three Benefits of Investing in Yourself

Competing priorities often make it difficult to invest in ourselves in ways that can help us and others. From my experience, when we make time for personal investments, there are at least three life-changing benefits: growth, long-term satisfaction, and opportunity.


"The Law of the Rubber Band" is my favorite law from John C. Maxwell's book, "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth." Like a rubber band, we must stretch ourselves continually, often in uncomfortable ways, to get where we need or want to be. Whether it is a spiritual, emotional, financial, or physical pursuit, maintaining a mindset receptive to good tension helps us keep growing.


Many personal investments have opportunity costs; alternatives we are willing to forgo to achieve our ultimate goals. Those foregone alternatives could be a spontaneous vacation, another new suit, or a restaurant meal that might temporarily satisfy us. When we prioritize necessary, non-material alternatives - such as investments that will improve our relationships, careers, or financial well-being in the long run - we can reap benefits that far outweigh the temporary satisfaction of material alternatives.


Gaining a renewed sense of purpose through conversations and interactions with others can be the catalyst for change we need to move forward successfully. When we are stuck or need encouragement to lead our families, careers, businesses, or organizations, we should consider attending networking events or joining ministries and organizations that support our unique needs.

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